Pvc Leather Cloth


Pvc Leather Cloth

PVC Leather Cloth is another variant of PVC that has virtually transformed the way we look at upholstery for our personal spaces. Be it the interiors of a car, or the cozy spaces of our houses, PVC Leather Cloth has this unique capability to add a rich and comfortable feel to the places it is installed/used by us.

What is PVC Leather Cloth?

Made after weaving the fibers of PVC into a cloth, PVC leather cloth is known for its high durability and shining finish. Also known as Rexene, PVC Coated Fabric and Artificial Leather, this synthetic cloth is available in a range of designs, patterns and styles, which are ideal for use in areas highly prone to dust and other damages.

Benefits of PVC Leather Cloth:


The product is available as Foam Leather & Solid Layer Leather Cloth in various thickness, colors, and prints and embossing.


It is quite easy to install/use as well as remove as well.


Affordability, water resistant characteristic, and durability make it a great substitute for Leather in various applications.


Considering the benefits of this cloth, the maintenance part requires a bit more care to keep this cloth in a healthy condition.